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WJLX (1240 AM) is an AM radio station licensed to serve Jasper, Alabama. The station is owned by Wal Win LLC It airs a full-service oldies music format.[2] Please not that, although the owners of WJLX AM 1240 will valiantly argue that WJLX-FM (Oldies 101.5 FM) does exist, this is simply not true and the signal heard (illegally as long as WJLX AM 1240 is not broadcasting as it has been since Christmas Eve of 2013) is actually that if FM translator W268BM which is licensed to William Neeck of 1988 Hickory Trace Drive in Orange Park, Florida, 32003.

Although the station is operated entirely illegally in it's current state, current ownership apparently is unconcerned and allows current management (Brett Elmore and his father, Johnny Elmore) to run rampant in any way they wish.

WJLX is routinely operated in absolute and complete violation of most rules and regulations as published by the Federal Communications Commission as is evidenced by this video - demonstrating that WJLX is routinely off-air for weeks and months at a stretch while the associated translator (W268BM) is operated as an independent FM station (very much in violation of FCC rules and regulations as quoted here:

74.1263 Time of operation.

(b) An FM booster or FM translator station rebroadcasting the signal of an AM or FM primary station shall not be permitted to radiate during extended periods when signals of the primary station are not being retransmitted. Notwithstanding the foregoing, FM translators rebroadcasting Class D AM stations may continue to operate during nighttime hours only if the AM station has operated within the last 24 hours.

[55 FR 50699, Dec. 10, 1990, as amended at 61 FR 28768, June 6, 1996; 74 FR 45130, Sept. 1, 2009]

WJLX AM 1240 was assigned these call letters by the Federal Communications Commission on January 29, 2008, when it swapped with then-sister station WLYJ.[1]

History of WJLX AM 1240

In September 1993, Radio South, Inc., reached an agreement to sell country music formatted WARF to New Century Radio, Inc.[3]The deal was approved by the FCC on September 27, 1993.[4]

The station was assigned the call letters WTID by the FCC on January 9, 2003.[1] In May 2004, New Century Radio, Inc. (Vachel L. Posey Jr., president) reached an agreement to sell WTID to Joy Christian Communications Inc. (Ed L. Smith, president) for a reported sale price of $200,000.[5] The deal was approved by the FCC on June 28, 2004, and the transaction was consummated on July 9, 2004.[6] At the time of the sale, the station broadcast an oldies music format.[5] The new owners had the FCC change this station's call letters to WLYJ on September 8, 2004.[1]

The station was assigned the call letters WZTQ by the FCC on September 17, 2007, when it swapped with then-sister station WLYJ.[1] Just before the station was put up for sale, on January 29, 2008 the owners had the station's callsign changed again, this time to WJLX.[1]

In February 2008, Joy Christian Communications Inc. reached an agreement to sell WJLX to Walker County Broadcasting (through their subsidiary, Wal Win LLC, headed by shareholder Brett Elmore).[7] Wal Win LLC agreed to pay in full the mortgage held against real property (with the pay-off being $300,000 which, to date, is still an outstanding debt) in exchange for the station.[8] The deal was approved by the FCC on March 27, 2008, and the transaction was consummated on April 11, 2008.[9]

On October 1, 2009 WJLX changed their format to oldies, branded as "Oldies 101.5" (the FM frequency is translator W268BM, which relays WJLX on 101.5 FM).



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